Friday, 18 January 2013

The Rolling Panda

Business name: The Rolling Panda
Owner: Abigail Lim

Having the love for food, Abigail Lim, the young lady behind The Rolling Panda bakery landed her hands in baking at the tender age of 12. The encouragement to be more involved in baking began with the first recipe that she tried out, which was brownies. Eventually, the bond between Abigail and the baking industry grew stronger and then came the birth of "The Rolling Panda" in September 2012. 

  With a day job as an Engineer, the busy schedule never stop Abigail from taking orders every day. What's on the menu of this home-based bakery? Cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, pies and a few of other food. Customers are welcomed to do customization as Abigail has these on the menu too: 3D fondant cakes, wedding cakes, cupcake tiers, baby shower/full moon gift boxes and dessert tables. 

Looking up to celebrity chefs and local bakers who had gone from home-based to large scale bakeries, Abigail strives to be an entrepreneur who has her own bakery one day. 

Click {HERE} for The Rolling Panda Facebook page.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Bloom Bazaar 6: Night Market Edition

 Want to know who are the vendors that will be participating? Here goes the list:

Crafty Heart, Haus Of Crafts, My Whimsical Playground, Patricia Charles, Sheena’s Handmade House, Papermint Cards, E-ClayArt, Rhenna crochet, See’s Scrapbooking Land, Jappy Gallery & Michael Photography, Poco Handmade

Lovely Gwendolly, Teebags Teeshoes, Peg’s Closet, J&F (pre-loved), Pineberry Boutique, Bella Donna Gallery, Blazzing Blair, Envy My Closet, Sutidukan, Ngee Ting, Swooshy Pink, Flux Boutique, French 75, Estelle Beauty Shop

JP Larose, Above Basic, Tres Jolie, Gyann Boutique


Left&Right, Girlfriend’s Wardrobe, Ernest Touch, Treasure Box From The Ocean

Pretty Little Hime, Belle's Design, Kitty Kat Kollection, Candy Gems

Vinnie’s Nasi Lemak, Heritage 122 Cake, TNC Ladies

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

John's Pie

(photo courtesy of John's Pie)

Business name: John's Pie
Owner: John Sim S. J.
Contact no.: 016 889 1693
1)  No.14, Ground Floor, Wisma Phoniex, Song Thian Cheok Road, Kch
(Next to 360 Xpress City Center/360 Xpress Hotel)
2) Grd Flr, Lot 11411, Jln Song Commercial Centre, Tabuan Heights 

( photo courtesy of John's Pie)

 (photo courtesy of John's Pie)

 John's Pie has another outlet at Jln Song, which is walking distance from my work place. One afternoon, I popped by to grab a few pies for my tea break. Upon stepping in their shop, I was greeted by the 2 friendly young staff. I adore this place that has a warm atmosphere that makes every customer to feel as cozy as they are at home. Food taste even better when you are in such environment.

I bought veggie mushroom pie, chicken cheese pie and smoked chicken pie. Their pies are rich in flavors, where every bite gives you happiness! My cousin introduced me their apple cranberry pie that comes with ice cream, which I would not miss trying during my next visit.

No matter you're craving for pies over breakfast, lunch or tea break, John's Pie is the place you shall keep in mind. 

For more yummilicious photos, visit John's Pie Facebook page.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Crafty Heart

Business name: Crafty Heart
Owner: Debbie
Occupation: Full time crafter & craft materials supplier 

In recent years, more Malaysia-based craft lovers began to sell imported craft supplies, just because of their passion in all things handmade, and also due to the shortness of pretty materials available at our local stores. I noticed about this lady who operates Crafty Heart during my participation in a local bazaar some time ago. Immediately my eyes were hooked on her booth that was filled with one-of-a-kind goodies! 

Debbie who formed Crafty Heart wants this name to reflect her passion and love for all things crafts, plus she believes that crafters should create something from the heart, so that item would be meaningful. A business that has been around since early 2008, you can find mainly scrapbooking/ card-making supplies, handmade greeting cards and bookmarks etc at Crafty Heart.

"The best feeling for me as a crafter would be when customers actually purchase my handmade creations. It's the best feeling in the world, to know that someone appreciates what I make. It's also a great feeling when I make cards for friends and family, knowing that my creations are one of a kind and cannot be purchased at any store.", quoted Debbie. 

Catch Crafty Heart's appearance at the upcoming The Bloom Bazaar 6 (night market edition) on 24 January 2013!

Here are the links to Crafty Heart's Facebook pages:

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Left&Right headband class 1 & 2

Earlier on, we have reviewed on Left&Right Jewelries & Accessories. The creator of this brand - Eileen not only sells her handmade products but at the same time organizes accessory making workshops. Here are some photos taken from Left&Right Facebook page.

1st Headband Class

2nd Headband Class


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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Girlfriend's Wardrobe

Business name: Girlfriend's Wardrobe
Owner: John Francis Belen

You might have noticed these softies made from felt if you are a frequent visitor of a local bazaar based in Kuching. Call him John Francis Belen, the dude who sews each and every one of them! 

His sister was the one who sparked his idea to get his hands on sewing plush toys. Back then, due to shortage of time, John's sister was not able to complete her orders for toys on time, therefore John took over to help her attend to the orders. 

The 3-eyed monster with a crooked wing (shown below) was the first toy John made. He spent 3 days from drafting the idea to finishing the product.

When asked where does his inspirations come from, John told Ice Kacang that Ikea has got to be his favorite hang out place! He never missed to purchase Ikea soft toys each time he lands his feet on that place. Other than that, his nephews like to sketch their ideas on a paper (image shown below) and pass it to him.

On average, 1-2 hrs is required to produce every soft toy. Furthermore, John works from 9am to 5am, so whenever there is a demand for his toys, he would sew until late at night.

Hop over to Girlfriend's Wardrobe's Facebook page to view more of John's work.