Saturday, 8 December 2012

Paper N Quill

Business name: Paper N Quill Crafts
Owner: Lulu

At one glance, the photo above does look like edible sushi rolls. The truth is they are made from paper, using a technique called "Quilling". Those circles & coils are what captured the attention of Lulu, the founder of Paper N Quill, a registered company in Kuching.

With the limitation of craft supplies in Kuching, Lulu searched high and low for quilling tools and materials over the internet. After purchasing a Beginner Kit online, she began to experiment the techniques and eventually ran out of paper strips. Therefore, she thought: "Why not I sell quilling supplies in Kuching, so that other enthusiasts save the hassle of searching." That's how Paper N Quill was born a year ago. 

This self-taught crafter picked up this skill through books, online tutorials and numerous experiments. She claimed: "Perhaps my years of training in Science helps me in terms of exploring endless possibilities, troubleshooting and improving from mistakes."

Lulu's shop offers clear stamps, quilling tools, paper strips, handmade cards & quilling artwork. There are quilling classes, workshops and demos made available for adults & children.

The photo above was taken during a demonstration on quilling at Popular Bookstore, Tun Jugah, Kch.

Lulu managing her booth at a recent local bazaar held at Hills Shopping Mall, 1 & 2 Dec 2012.

Click {HERE} for Paper N Quill Facebook page. 


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  2. It's our pleasure to feature u ;)

  3. hai~~ do you sell the quelling tools?? :)
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